About Us


Lone Star Family Farms was founded in 2009 by five family members: Adam, Rebecca, Justin, Stephanie, and K Crownover. Combining our individual farming operations into one multiplied our efficiencies to make us a stronger player in the agriculture marketplace.

Half-way through the first year of Lone Star Family Farms' existence, Adam Crownover, partner and family member, was lost in a tragic ATV accident. It was a huge blow for the family and the farming operation, but we pulled together to meet the challenges and remained committed to fulfill the original founding vision for Lone Star Family Farms. This was a second tragedy to hit our family and operation after losing yet another business partner back in 2006 when Johnny Crownover (Justin & Adam's father) tragically died from an auto/train collision accident. Although Johnny was not here to found Lone Star Family Farms with us, his history of contributions to our family business inspired us to move forward and grow into the united operation we have today.

Lone Star Family Farms has come a long way since its inception and has built its partnership beyond family that share the same passions and goals. Each partner and member of the Lone Star Family Farms operation contributes his/her own set of strong skills and talents.

Lone Star Family Farms employs quality personnel who are self-sufficient and dependable in achieving daily operational goals for optimal efficiency. We are devoted to working together as a family and as business partners to grow a successful and economically viable-business that will stand the test of time and continue successfully through future generations.

Lone Star Family Farms provides a positive work environment for our employees and our family. Because we care about the environment and the impact of agriculture on the economy, we utilize cutting-edge technology and operate our equipment at maximum efficiency in an effort to continually improve quality and yields while carefully protecting our natural resources.

  • Vision

    Lone Star Family Farms will continue to strive to be the most innovative, productive and competitive agricultural producer in the Texas Panhandle while remaining the crop production employer of choice.

  • Mission

    Lone Star Family Farms is devoted to the profitable and efficient production of high-yield crops and premium seed products through the dedication of our experienced personnel in addition to our superior management practices and the adoption of the latest agricultural technology.